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Elite Spas Northwest performs repairs on all makes and models of hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pools. Heating problems, plumbing malfunctions, shell damage, and more are all tasks that our skilled staff can take care of. Contact us via phone, email, or contact form to get the first step of your repair started.

What We Fix

We are a factory warranty service center for most major brands, including:

  • Raypak
  • Coates
  • Pentair
  • Trident

Of course, we can service more than the brands listed above, so if you are curious if we can fix your model or make of hot tub, please don't hestitate to contact us.

Repair Rates:

Rates for repair jobs will vary depending on the parts and labor involved. For repairs within our service area, we typically charge time and materials. We provide a fixed rate consultation service for a reasonable fee for work out of our service range.

Not within our service range, but have an unusual problem that your local repairers can't seem to fix? Consider a consultation call instead. We offer consultation services for a reasonable fee to assist with out of area repair work.

Need a repair? Give us the details so we can get started as soon as possible.


At Elite Spas Northwest, the spa installation process means bringing your dreams to reality.

Browse the links at the left of this page to learn more about our products, about our Elite Package process of customization, and our crate and ship package that allows customers who live far away to receive a custom spa with its parts and connections marked in careful detail for their local installer. You can also get information about our phone consultation services, and about the ways in which we support canine hydrotherapy in the installations and other services that we offer.

Our philosophy is to make your spa user friendly and fit the style of your existing surroundings, or to take your vision and bring it to life. We can work with you to provide complete deck designs with construction built around your lifestyle and unique space. Our ability to provide the highest quality products and services guarantees we'll take on any project, no matter the size or complexity.

With so many setups to choose from, we offer personalized options to satisfy any of your hydro-therapeutic needs. That personal touch has served our customers well across more than 1,500 spa installations.

Hot Tubs

The hot tub is a staple of relaxation, often at resorts and day spas. At Elite Spas Northwest, we bring that experience of an artfully crafted hot tub to your own deck, outbuilding, or backyard.

Few household fixtures can rival a hot tub at providing relief after a hard day. The tub's jets can be used for hydrotherapeutic massage, providing direct stimulation for muscles in distress. The steady heat offers an ideal environment for widening the blood vessels and working out knots in muscles.

Meanwhile, the water supports most of the body's weight through buoyancy, allowing the muscle groups normally responsible for maintaining proper posture to take a much-needed break. The same buoyancy makes it easy to rotate one's body through a variety of positions and angles, providing varied opportunities for stretching and relaxation.

These durable shells need to be built into a deck or the landscape since they are not free-standing, and are up to nineteen feet in length. Once installed they are easy to use and maintain.

With our Elite Package process of installation, you get a hot tub that caters to your specific needs, with customized massage jet placement, landscaping and deckbuilding options that work with your environment, and renovation options for existing spaces.

For an installation with less emphasis on heat that will allow you to swim in place instead, consider a swim spa — or order both together for a powerful combination of backyard exercise and comfort.

Interested in a Hot Tub? We can get your order started right away at our contact page.


Contoured bucket seats; multi-level seating, large footwell, spacious tub with good use of space.

Seats 7.

6' 10" square x 34" deep, 350 gal.


Contoured bucket seats; extra bucket seat with arm rests, multi-level seating with large, safe step area.

Seats 8.

7' 8.5" square x 38" deep, 580 gal.


Therapeutically contoured seats, large steps for easy entry.

Seats 7.

Seats 10. 7' 8" square x 38" deep, 590 gal.

Aruba II

Multi-level seating; rounded for extra comfort, extra deep footwell, large spa amenities with smaller size.

Seats 6-7.

7' 3" octagon x 38" deep, 350 gal.

Swim Spas

Swimming is one of the most complete and enjoyable forms of exercise. With a swim spa, that exercise can be brought to your backyard instead of you going to the pool.

Swim spas are extra-large and specially designed hot tubs with powerful pumps that move the water so that you can swim in place, and the shells and covers are insulated to help them maintain a pleasant temperature for the swim. Some swim spas come with both a swim area and a tub area in one.

Because it is intended for exercise through active swimming, the water temperature of a swim spa tends to be kept around ten degrees Fahrenheit lower than a hot tub. This can make a swim spa (by itself) impractical for achieving the heat and massage benefits of a standard hot tub. For this reason, we often install both a hot tub and a swim spa for the same customer, allowing easy access to the muscle-relaxing heat and massage of a hot tub after a solid cardiovascular workout in the swim spa — the ultimate combination for at-home aquatic enjoyment.

Not only people can benefit from a swim spa, either. Swim spas can be catered towards canine companions through canine hydrotherapy, which can help injured, aging, or obese dogs regain their health, or serve as part of a general fitness routine for dogs.

Elite Spas Northwest has ten swim spa designs to choose from, all with advanced features and options, plus many specialties and extras. Our Elite Package custom installation experience helps to make sure you get the spa that best suits your needs.

Make a request for one of our designs, and we can start the process towards your spa as soon as possible.

AquaSpa 7' 6"

Large entry steps on corner; a small therapy spa.

7' 6" long x 7' 6" wide x 3' 9" deep,

750 gal.

AquaSpa 9'

Large entry steps on corner; a small therapy spa.

9' long x 7' 6" wide x 3' 9" deep,

900 gal.

AquaPhysio-TherapySpa 9'

Large entry steps and handrail; a therapy spa.

9' long x 7' 6" wide x 4' 6" deep, 1000 gal.

AquaPhysio-TherapySpa 14'

Large entry steps and handrail; a medium-size swim spa.

14' long x 7' 6" wide x 5' deep, 2100 gal.

AquaSwimJet 14' 6"

Full size entry steps on both sides a medium-size swim spa.

14' 6" long x 7' 6" wide x 4' 6"deep, 1900 gal.

AquaSpa RioGrande 14' 6"

Full size entry steps on both sides; full-length built-in benches.

14' 6" long x 7' 6" wide x 4' 6" deep, 1500 gal.

AquaSwimSpa 14' 6"

Full-size entry steps on both sides; half-length benches.

14' 6" long x 7' 6" wide x 4' 6" deep, 1830 gal.

AquaSwim'n Spa 16' 6"

Full size entry steps on both sides; medium-size swim spa and hot tub combo.

16' 6" long x 7' 6" wide x 4' 6" deep, 1450 gal.

AquaSwim'n Spa 19'

Full size entry steps on both sides; full-size swim spa and hot tub combo.

19' long x 7' 6" wide x 5' deep, 2050 gal.

AquaPhysio-TherapySpa 19'

Large entry steps and handrail; a true full-size swim spa.

19' long x 7' 6" wide x 5' deep, 3040 gal.

Elite Package

At Elite Spas Northwest, we believe in the power of customer choice. When you request a custom installation from us, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our workshop in person so that we can tailor your installation to your exact needs. We build around you, and we solve unforeseen problems using the creativity and craftsmanship that come with our over 1,500 installations of experience.

During your visit, you will be able to browse from our selection of spa shells and choose one or more to use as the basis for your project. For hot tubs, this process includes you sitting in your chosen shell(s) so that we can mark where you want the massage jets placed. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make sure your jets are placed in a way that soothes your individual aches and pains. This is a good time to finalize the decision of whether you want us to install a hot tub, a swim spa, or both.

While you are with us, we will also explore your options for pumps, filters, heaters, and sanitizing equipment, and make recommendations based on expected usage. We will suggest a pump of appropriate strength based on the expected size of your installation and how far water will need to travel within it, so that you neither overspend on pump equipment nor end up with a machine too weak for the task at hand. We will advise you about cartridge filtration versus sand filtration, and talk over the pros and cons of different heating options such as gas, electric, woodburning, and geothermal.

We take time to discuss those options in detail so that you will end up with best custom spa for your situation. For example, one of our customers was very pleased to learn we could integrate the heating of his spa into an existing outdoor woodburning system, and our expertise in the matter gave that customer some considerable savings on total installation cost. Many of our other customers have found ways to save money on long term maintenance by picking the pump, filtration, and heating options best suited to their circumstances.

Finally, as true artisans of spa installation, we will coordinate with you to ensure that your installation "works" with the living space around it. Spending time in a spa is a relieving experience, and we want to make that experience as aesthetically pleasing as possible. When you request a custom installation from Elite, we bring our landscaping and deck-building expertise on board, offering complete deck designs and other construction built around your lifestyle and available space. We can work with your existing deck, or build one from scratch at your discretion.

Make an appointment today to experience the comfortable atmosphere of custom spas that Elite can provide.

Crate and Ship

The Elite Spas "Crate and Ship" Program offers you the ability to select and order a custom Hot Tub or Swim Spa from us and have it installed at your location using your local installer. We will get important information from you including general site measurements and specific details about how it will be installed. With this data we configure the equipment, cut the plumbing, pre-assemble all parts and accurately label each item, matched to where they will be permanently installed.

We then package and crate the entire assembly and ship it, insured, to your project site, ready for unpackaging and final installation. During the process we are available for consultation at no extra charge.

  • Pre-assembled and tested
  • All items clearly labeled
  • Crated in heavy-duty boxes
  • Direct shipping

Once again, Elite is dedicated to ensuring that your satisfaction and needs are met with the highest quality products and services possible.

Interested? Contact us to get your Crate and Ship service started today.


With more than 1,500 installations of experience under our belts, Elite Spas Northwest has begun offering phone consultation services in addition to its installation and repair work. If you have a question that no one else has been able to answer, or won't answer without charging an outrageous price, chances are good that we'll be able to help.

Our consultation calls fall into two broad categories: those related to spa troubleshooting or repair, and those related to canine hydrotherapy.

Spa Consultation

Are you a spa owner looking for some basic help with troubleshooting a spa? Are you someone installing or repairing a spa who is confused by an obscure detail or unusual situation? Give us a call and tell us about your situation. We can coordinate with you from a distance and put our knowledge at your service.

If you are a local installer who is installing a spa as part of our crate and ship program, this type of consultation call is available to you for free if it pertains to issues with the spa parts we sent you.

Canine Hydrotherapy Consultation

Interested in starting a canine hydrotherapy business? Already started, but need some help? Not sure if your space is right for a canine swim spa, or maybe you have questions about how to maintain your swim spa's filters in the presence of large amounts of dog fur? Our experienced staff can aid you with these technical and logistical inquiries or more, just call us during regular business hours.

Contact us via email or phone if you're interested in our consultation services.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Elite Spas Northwest is proud to support canine hydrotherapy, a health-promoting activity that lets dogs take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of a swim spa.

Just a few years ago canine hydrotherapy was thought of as somewhat unusual, but today canine hydrotherapy facilities are common. Veterinarians often prescribe canine hydrotherapy for hip dysplasia and other joint problems, post surgical rehabilitation, arthritis, or management of obesity.

At customer request, we gladly install swim spas with canine hydrotherapy in mind.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of canine hydrotherapy for dogs, and to see what makes an Elite installation superior to the competition.

How does canine hydrotherapy work?

Canine hydrotherapy is very simple. Special pools or swim spas with warm water are used. The dog can swim against a current or in calm water depending on their particular needs. The canine hydrotherapist or owner enters the water with the dog, helping guide him into exercising the right parts of his body. Fearful dogs can be cradled or sat with until they are ready to go further. Heavy dogs can be placed in a special lift to lower them into the water. Physically challenged dogs can use flotation life vests.

A dog is almost weightless in water which allows for a gentle workout on joints and soft tissues. Weight bearing forces are decreased and the dog is using all its muscles to pull and push himself through the water, doing active full body stretching as he swims, building muscles and strengthening the ligaments. The resistance jets the dog can swim against increase the stretching and strengthening. The hydrostatic pressure of water on the dogs' joints while stretching a limb tends to stabilize the joint whether in calm or jetted water.

Other benefits include:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness and overall conditioning
  • Keeps elderly dogs active longer
  • Helps control weight
  • Increases range of motion, easing stiff and achy joints
  • Develops and maintains muscle tone, strength and flexibility

Why choose Elite for my canine hydrotherapy swim spa?

Constructing swim spas with canine hydrotherapy in mind is one of our specialties. We understand the subtle but important design differences between building a swim spa only for humans versus building one with canine users in mind. Requesting a canine-friendly swim spa from elite means better accessibility and comfort for the spa's four-footed users, as well as greater ease of maintenance and operation on the human side of things.

Furthermore, since we often build entire decks or do other major renovations as part of our customers' projects, we are in a position to help you prepare not only the spa itself but also the space around it, whether for private use by your own dog(s) or for a commercial canine hydrotherapy business.

How else can Elite help?

In addition to installing canine hydrotherapy swim spas and constructing effective spaces around them, we also offer phone consultation on the subject. If you are unsure of something, give us a call to tap into our expertise.

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Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm PST

Phone(425) 844-1348
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